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EDMtruePLM™ is a product model server for integrating, storing, and accessing data for types of products and for individual products over their lifetime in a standards compliant fashion. In scope are product structure data, documents, drawings and CAD files, manuals, structured documents, e-learning data and related information. Technical data package functionality eases communications within the supply chain

EDMtruePLM™ is intended for product lifecycle management. Data and documents are collected and categorized from early design to operation and disposal. They are collected into data packages for reviews at major milestones during construction and later life. Data packages can be exported and imported; all data except the document files themselves are formatted according to PLCS, a standard within ISO 10303 STEP.

EDMtruePLM™ has been designed for the concurrent engineering requirements of the space sector. However, care has been taken to enable adaptation to other engineering domains. This has been achieved by what is called reference data. For each project the user can define specific names for roles, document types, document extensions etc. . These names will appear as leading text and select items in the user interface. Reference data allow also the on-the-fly definition of types of properties, which may or may not be assigned units.

EDMtruePLM™ is founded on the Jotne product EDMserver™.
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  Product sheet

  Users guide

  Presentation: Application in oil and gas industry

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Other products

Jotne also offers the following software products:

  EDMmodelServer™ for BIM and VDC using IFC

  EDMopenSimDM™ for management and archival of simulation data using AP209

  EXPRESS Data Manager™, a model-driven database system implementing datainteroperability of engineering data




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